5 Taboos You Should Never Break When Being with Rich Men


Dating millionaires obviously has many plus points but there are some rules you should follow, to ensure he wants to keep you in his life for as long as possible. It’s easy to get caught up in the luxury of it all but you need to remember that he is a person with feelings too. You should never break the following five millionaire dating taboos.

1. Being ungrateful

This guy is really showering you with all his attention including gifts/money, so you don’t want to come off as ungrateful for anything he does. Don’t pretend like his gifts don’t make a difference to you, it’s important to thank him genuinely for each and every one. You might be a beautiful lady but an ugly personality outweighs anything on the exterior. It’s really quite simple to let him know his gestures are all appreciated, so do it.

2. Being too greedy

Yes he’s rich but he is NOT your personal ATM. He will give you cash or buy you gifts when he feels like, so don’t get too greedy and don’t feel like he owes you anything. Although it’s a plus that he’s a millionaire, make sure you are looking for a genuine relationship with this man otherwise you are just leading him on.

3. Putting him down

Many people who go on dates with millionaires, feel so intimidated by their wealth – that they put them down every opportunity they get. You should definitely not do this, it’s not kind and will only result in him not wanting to be with you any longer. He is a person exactly the same as you, he has the same strengths and the same weaknesses. Don’t treat him like he has no feelings because he does. Interact with him on an equal level and that will only build the respect between you both.

4. Whining about the date

You can’t expect to be taken to Paris or shopping around New York every time he takes you on dates. Despite his wealth, it’s nice to do normal things sometimes so no matter where he takes you, make sure you do not whine. This will be really unattractive to him and it’s just not the right thing to do. He’s spending his time with you and no matter what the two of you are doing together, you should show him you enjoy it.

5. Pretending to be too into him

Nobody is perfect and if you treat him like he is, he will know you are being fake. Acknowledge that he is not flawless but enjoy his company nonetheless. This is the best way to show your man that although him being a millionaire is important, you are not just interested in his money.


Now that you know what you should and shouldn’t do as the special woman in his life, it will be more beneficial for both of you. He is taking you out for dates, showing you a good time and possibly giving you money, so you really want him to hang around. Being good to him will mean that he stays good to you!


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