How to Start the First Conversation With Sugar Daddy

We are currently living in the 21st century; the times when women stayed at home waiting for the call of their lover are over. We are in the era of social networks, dating applications and Facetime, where conventional relationships no longer have a place. If you’re a sugar baby looking for your best sugar daddy, don’t think about it anymore: it’s time to take risks and take the initiative.

In ancient times no woman dared to begin a conversation with a man she liked, because it was seen as a symbol of petulance and little femininity; nowadays it is just the opposite. Also, of the relationships between sugar babys and their sugar daddys, there is nothing written; everything is allowed. A sugar daddy isn’t exactly a formal boyfriend, or someone you have to introduce to your whole family, so you can set your own standards and feel totally free to act as you really want.

Besides, if you’ve already decided to become a sugar girl, chances are you’re not too shy. You like to take risks and play, and starting your conversation with your suggar daddy is the first step towards success. So you know, if you want your sugar daddy to spend all his money spoiling you, go for it!

To make it a lot easier, then we’ll give you the best tips to start the conversation with your sugar daddy. Take note!


Tips for starting a conversation with a sugar daddy


Short but direct messages

The message has to attract him, not scare him. Therefore, the more concise and brief it is, the better. Try in a nutshell to make your intention clear and I let you see how eager you are to keep moving forward in your special relationship.


Don’t talk about money

Despite being a relationship in which money is an essential element, it’s best not to mention it at first. It is important to make him feel that you are interested in him for something other than your money, and explain to him how you plan your life to make it better, otherwise he will think that you only think about living at the expense of his money.


Try to impress him with your education

Sometimes, even though it’s a relationship full of economic and social interests, the most important thing you can show your sugar daddy is that you don’t have an empty head. Try to write an ordered text with an impeccable grammar, so that it not only attracts your play and your physique, but also your brain.


Ask questions

Starting to ask questions is a good way to create links. The only way we people get to know each other, especially if we only have a few opportunities to do so, is to ask questions, but don’t go overboard.

The questions have to be neutral, the typical questions you would ask a new co-worker with whom you will share many things; useful questions, but without becoming indiscreet. The most intimate things we have to leave for the intimate moments, for when your relationship with your sugar daddy is more consolidated and you can go further.

At first, it’s best that you two get to know each other, but without revealing all our secrets. Remember that a sugar daddy is still a man who will give you money in exchange for company, so it’s not good for him to know things that could put you in a compromising situation.


Personalize your message

A good way to make him feel flattered is to include in the message things that can only refer to him. Use your sugar daddy profile and analyze all the details so you can strategically include them in your message. We all like others to show interest in our things, even the simplest ones, so by doing this you’ll be one step closer to conquering your favorite sugar daddy.

These are some of the best tricks to break the ice with your sugar daddy, but that doesn’t mean they’re the only way to conquer a sugar daddy with all the guarantees of success. The most important thing to take the first step in such a relationship will always be your ability to remain yourself. Trying to act naturally, being an outgoing and brave woman, will always be your best weapon to get it.


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