How to Identify a Scammer on Dating Site


The internet is a great place to meet sugar babies to spoil and treat likes queens thanks to the many websites that are now online. While there are many genuine women on rich men dating sites, some are obviously scammers. Being aware of the way the scammers are and talk to you, will help you in figuring out who is “real”. By getting rid of the ones who want to scam you, it increases your chance of finding a genuine girl who really wants to enjoy your company.

Their photo is suspicious

If on her photo, she appears TOO good looking or it just looks modelled somehow, this should raise alarm bells. Thanks to Google image search, it’s easy to run this photo to see if it is found anywhere else online. This will help you distinguish 100% if she is a scammer or not, who is looking for money but willing to give nothing in return.

She says she is self employed

While she may very well run her own business or just work for herself, if she cannot tell you what she does, it could be because she’s a scammer. If she brings up finance a lot or asks you for money before she has even met you in person, it’s probably best to cut off all ties and look for a more reliable sugar baby!

She claims to be local but is always unavailable

If she claims to live close to you but is never free to meet up for a drink.etc. this is not good news! The number one excuse for scammers who do this, is that they say “I’m out of town that weekend on business, definitely another time though!” If this happens more than once, it’s probably best to assume that she isn’t being genuine with you.

They are younger and way too interested

Meeting a younger rich and good looking woman is what all men dream of but you need to ask yourself, “does this seem too good to be true?” If the answer is yes, then it’s probably because it is! If she comes on too strong and seems way too keen on you, this woman is likely a scammer.

Their messages seem strange

If they send you many messages that having spelling errors/grammatical mistakes, this should be a red flag. Would a woman who is local to you, really not be able to write in proper English? If they spell your name wrong or even their own, this definitely means they are a scammer.


Now that you know the steps for figuring out who is a scammer on rich men dating sites, this should greatly help you. The fact you have such amazing resources available to find younger girls you can have a mutually beneficial arrangement with is awesome just make sure that you filter the good from the bad! Even if you don’t fall for the scam itself, giving these women the time of day is just not worth your efforts. The best way to deal with these scammers is to block them, report them to the site and go on with your day.

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