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Millionaire’s Club was founded by television dating star Patti Stanger. By far Millionaire’s Club is one of the more unique websites for websites for millionaire dating on the internet. It has been around since 2000. Patti brings with her experience marketing and directing businesses along with the fact that she is a third generation match maker.

Type of Dating Site

Instead of being a website where you browse through a large database and that is it, Millionaire’s Club also has a strong focus on its other services. Even the base line membership comes with relationship counseling. Besides the 4 tiers of membership you can also add on additional services to help increase the chances of making a match on Millionaire’s Club.

There is no free way to browse the Millionaire’s Club website. However, you can add yourself to the Millionaire’s Club dating database for free. That means that users of the website can still see your information for a possible connection.

Millionaire’s Club review


Millionaire’s Club offers 3 tiers of membership. Each tier costs more but they all come with a full year of unlimited dating in both the United States and Canada.

  • Bronze memberships come with a 1 hour relationship counseling session. You also get owner Patti’s commandments of dating and steps to success. The price for this membership is $45 thousand dollars a year. You can put your Millionaire’s Club account on hold for up to 2 months in case you go on vacation.
  • The silver membership comes with all of the features of the bronze package. It also includes several other one hour sessions. An hour with a dating coach, an image consultant, and a hypnotherapist. All of these features go to bettering your chances of finding a match both on and offline. This package costs $65 thousanda year.
  • A gold package entitles you to all of the previous features and more. You will also get a full hour of relationship counseling with Patti Stanger herself. This can be in person or via Skype depending on location and availability. Patti Stanger claims that she will also match you with the love of your life, personally. This package can be yours for $85 thousand a year.
  • The platinum package. This package includes all of the other features plus more. It is customized to meet your needs. The main additional feature you get is customized searches for a potential love. These searches are international. This package starts at $100 thousand a year but the price varies depending on what features you add to your Millionaire’s Club membership.

Additional Features

Any Millionaire’s Club package can have Patti Stanger’s mixer added on. This mixer will allow you to meet with many people in a very comfortable setting. The mixers are held in a variety of locations so there will never be one too far from you. The mixer costs $35,000 plus the cost of expenses. Expenses include hotel, food, and alcohol.

You can also add on features such as priority status and personal search. These features will better your chance of finding a match but have mixed reviews. Payment can be processed only by checks and wire-transfer. There are no refunds issued by Millionaire’s Club.




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