4 Reasons Why Rich Men Prefer Women With Less Money


You might think that two millionaires together in a relationship would be a match made in heaven but most super wealthy guys, look for women with less money than them. There are a number of reasons why they would ideally like to be with someone with less wealth, so let’s take a look at a few of them.

You will be more appreciative

A woman who has less money is likely to be much more appreciative for all this man does for you. Even if you bought something quite small for a lady with not much money, she would be grateful but a millionaire would probably not be! As somebody who has known what it’s like to not have very much, you will be looking for all the same things as him like love, trust and commitment. Millionaire women can usually see these kind of relationships as business arrangement but that will not be the case with a less wealthy woman. You won’t focus solely on the money side of things but when he does shower you with gifts, you will appreciate them more than anything.

You are someone different

He has been around wealthy people his whole life, so meeting someone who doesn’t have as much is really different for him – in a good way! He will get to see a new way of living and he will also get to meet people of different backgrounds. We all want something that is new to us and this is why dating someone with less money than him is really appealing.

You take an interest in him

Financially secure women are too busy in their own life to take an interest in what their man does or cares about. By having less money than him, you are more likely to take an interest in his hobbies and other things he likes. You might have less going on than him, which would mean you have more free time to show him how much you care. Women like you are more homely, warm and loving towards your millionaire boyfriend and that’s why he really wants somebody like you in his life.

You will get along with his family

Women who have less money, take commitment very serious and therefore will be happy to meet his family. There is often a lot of friction between millionaire families because they are always in competition with each other so if he had a wealthy girlfriend, he might not want to introduce her as readily. He knows that you are eager to impress and your lifestyle might be quite endearing to those around him. As long as you are kind and sincere, you are sure to make a big impact.


If you don’t have much money and think that might put a millionaire off, I hope you see that would not be the case. Rich men love dating all different types of women but actually those who are not as rich as they are would be the usual preference. Next time you see a rich guy and think you don’t have a chance with him, think again and work your magic!

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